Matthew Herbert "The Recording". An album created in front of and with a live audience at Deutsche Oper Berlin

In an age in which anyone can presume to be a composer and an unfath- omable amount of music is produced every twenty-four hours, Matthew Herbert asks are we still connected to what we hear? The internationally acclaimed artist well-known for his uncompromising attitude towards music and its making invites the audience and special guests - musicians, theorists and politicians - to take part in a unique creative process.

For seven days he and his band will be in residency in the Tischlerei, which will be turned into a functioning recording studio. Their goal: to compose, record, and mix an album from scratch in one week’s time.

The Recording – the process of recording as well as the final album itself – will be a unique collaboration with both the audience and the opera house. Together they will delve into the role music plays in our lives, both as enter- tainment and the often-dismissed idea of it as an agent for genuine social and political change and try to answer, in both a rhetorical and practical way, the increasingly relevant question: what can music do anymore?.

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