Underworld live at Hollywood Bowl, LA

On Sunday 21st June Underworld returned to the iconic Hollywood Bowl to celebrate 20 years since their album dubnobasswithmyheadman. 

'This is Underworld at their best, a helter-skelter zigzag into the future. They don’t need 3D-mapped LED sculptures because the super-dimensionality promised by EDM is inside the band itself, their history, their musicianship, their ideas.’ LA Weekly 

‘The group hasn’t lost any of that energy, and delivered as it was in its natural habitat — under the stars, lost in its own universe — it still felt vital.’ LA Times 

‘…Pretty much the entirety of the venue was on their feet and the faster “Pearl’s Girl” brought the best of Smith and Hyde’s dynamic to bear; Hyde using his voice as an angular repetitious melody all its own while Smith mutated the song from fast sequenced synths into breakbeats and bass drops by the ending.’ MXDWN.COM

Delivering pure classic Underworld… had thousands letting lose under the stars with flying glow sticks up in the air.’ HMV 


Photo credit: Chris Mølina

Mike GillespieComment