Herbert: Guardian interview + Meltdown show

‘I can make music out of a banana or David Cameron or Belgium’

Matthew Herbert spoke to The Guardian about using music as a political weapon, sampling everything from the sound of bullets to pigs and his music from 90's raves to his new album The Shakes and everything in between. 

“I don’t like the idea of an average listener...You and I might not know what bullets sound like but there are plenty of people who do. There are people out there who know what a protest march sounds like. We’re so used to being handed things on a plate, whereas I’m interested in the journey one might make to find out what those sounds are. I don’t expect everyone to get every nuance of every sound – it’s about layers and layers and layers of meaning."

Read the full article here

Political music playlist

Herbert put together a political music playlist for The Guardian, including Tom Waits, Moby and Charlie Puth.

Listen to Matthew Herbert's political music playlist here

David Byrne's Meltdown

Today Matthew joined David Byrne on Lauren Laverne's 6 Music show live from the Southbank, ahead of his performance at Meltdown Festival this Sunday, get tickets for the show here. He also previewed an exclusive track, "Something At The Door", created from the doors of the Southbank centre called made in a Japanese hotel room. 

Listen to the interview and track here

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